Six Little Gems

Six Little Gems


Gemma (Little Gem or Jewel) Gemmas are our newest creations ... mild and creamy little discs of cheese made from cow's milk. They are crowned with both savory and sweet toppings. They are festive looking and perfect for serving all together ... or individually. Each can add a spicy or sweet accent to another cheese selection. 1/3 pound each.

Flavor Profiles:
Candied Orange - Oranges have a sweet-tart flavor. Candied orange slices have been cooked in a sugary syrup. The rind is intended to be eaten.
Dried Cranberry - Dried cranberries are fruits with a bright flavor that are tart and sweet.
Crystalized Ginger - Ginger is a hot and spicy root. When slices of fresh ginger are cooked in a sugary syrup and then dried and coated in sugar, they are called Crystalized Ginger.
Star Anise - Star anise is an ancient spice from Asia. It has an aroma and flavor that is warm, sweet, and spicy. It's reminiscent of licorice, clove, and anise seed.
Juniper Berry - Juniper Berries are actually seeds that grow on Juniper trees. They have a pleasantly pungent flavor with a woodsy fresh taste. Their flavor is earthy and piney.
Toasted Fennel Seed - Fennel is a fibrous bulb with feathery green fronds growing out of the top. When the fennel blooms its yellow flowers produce aromatic seeds that have an anise/licorice flavor. When toasted, the flavor is earthy and sweet.

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