COVID-19 Communication

To Our Loyal Customers:

During these uncertain times, Mozzarella Company is committed to keeping you informed by detailing steps we are taking to keep our employees and customers safe during the current COVID-19 event.

We would like to share the current information regarding proactive steps we have taken to minimize service disruptions to you, our customer, and to keep our employees and products as safe as possible:

  • We are committed to keeping current with all local, state, and government mandates regarding COVID-19, as they develop
  • Although Texas's10-person-or-less gathering rule is not being mandated for manufacturers, we are observing it by taking the following steps:
    • No more than six cheesemakers scheduled at a time
    • Increased physical distancing of seating in common areas such as break rooms, production facilities, and office spaces
  • We are limiting customers and screening any essential service people who require entry
  • Wipes and/or sanitizers are available in our common areas and used frequently (before and after anyone enters the premises)
  • We are committed to educating employees on healthy behaviors and processes per CDC guidelines and inquire frequently on their well being
  • We are working closely with our supply chain to do our best to mitigate potential service disruptions
  • Regarding our scheduling:
    • We are developing a flexible schedule to allow us to keep operations running smoothly
    • Our employees self-temperature check twice daily. Any employee who exhibits symptoms will not be allowed in the workplace. Symptoms include fever, cough, sore throat and shortness of breath. Any employee showing these symptoms, who is already in the workplace, will be immediately sent home and our facility will be sanitized immediately.
  • We are accustomed to operating in an already-stringent food safety environment, giving us a substantial head-start in dealing with sanitation and cleanliness. Members of our staff are well-versed in areas relating to disinfecting, sanitizing, and cleaning our facilities accordingly, in addition to keeping our food products safe for all to enjoy.

At Mozzarella Company we work hard to provide you with the very best food safety.

Whether we are protecting our product and our consumers from food borne illnesses (COVID-19 is not considered a food borne illness) or protecting our employees from COVID-19, we are accustomed to taking the utmost care in the areas of cleanliness and sanitation.