American Cheese Society Winners 2023

American Cheese Society Winners 2023

A special selection of all our 2023 American Cheese Society winners (so our customers can enjoy tasting all plus have free shipping included!) All these 2023 ACS winning cheeses have won multiple awards at various contests and judgings in the past. They are our best!

Selection includes: (Pictured clockwise, from top left corner: Queso Oaxaca, Deep Ellum Blue, Smoked Scamorza, Hoja Santa Goat Cheese, Queso Blanco with Chiles & Epazote)

1st Place - Smoked Scamorza A firm mozzarella with a mild buttery flavor. It has an elastic texture when young, becoming smooth and dense in texture as it ages. It is lightly smoked over pecan shells. A great melting cheese. Hand-formed into 3/4 lb balls and waxed. .38 lb half piece.

2nd Place - Hoja Santa Goat Pieces Small, mild Goat Cheese rounds wrapped with large aromatic hoja santa leaves that flavor the cheese with a hint of mint and sassafras. Tied with raffia. This lovely cheese is a consistent winner. .34 lb rounds.

2nd Place - Queso Blanco with Chiles and Epazote A traditional Mexican cheese with a milky, clean flavor. It is fresh and moist and crumbles easily. Softens but does not melt when heated. Flavored with zippy green chiles and refreshing epazote herbs. Hand-formed discs. .60 lb pieces.

3rd Place - Queso Oaxaca Mexican Mozzarella A traditional Mexican cheese that is hand-stretched into long ribbons of string cheese and then rolled up like a ball of yarn. Mild flavor. Can be torn into strands. .50 lb balls.

3rd Place - Deep Ellum Blue An earthy and complex cheese with a moldy blue exterior. Robust flavor and creamy, supple texture. "A blue cheese for people who don't like blue cheese." Aged at least 6 weeks. .50 lb pieces.

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