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Cheese of the Month

Cheese of the Month

A gift that keeps on giving. Send or receive one Mozzarella Company cheese every month for a year.

12 month- Send or receive a different cheese each month for a year.
6 month- Send or receive a different cheese every other month for a year.

Typical monthly cheese selections:
January - Smoked Scamorza
February - Montasio Festivo
March - Chihuahua
April - Fresh Ricotta
May - Pecan Praline Mascarpone Torta
June - Feta
July - Fresh Mozzarella
August - Fresh Texas Goat Cheese
September - Deep Ellum Blue
October - Crescenza
November - Blanca Bianca
December - Baby Ancho Chile Caciotta

Monthly selections are subject to change, as new cheeses are created.

Includes Shipping
  • Cheese of the Month - 12 Months
  • $535.00
  • Cheese of the Month - 6 Months
  • $275.00