Distinctly Dallas
Distinctively Dallas Selection

Distinctly Dallas

The Mozzarella Company hails from Dallas and what better way to spotlight Dallas than to send four iconic cheeses that just say "Dallas".

Selection includes:
Smoked Scamorza - Mild buttery flavor with an elastic texture when young, becoming smooth and dense in texture as it ages
Montasio Festivo - Dense Goat's Milk Montasio coated with mild, smokey flavored ancho chile paste to form a red rind. Aged for two months minimum.
Hoja Santa Goat Cheese - Fresh Goat Cheese rounds wrapped with fragrant Hoja Santa leaves (with a distinctive herbal flavor of sassafras and mint) tied with raffia
Rosemary Montasio - Mellow and flavorful with a lingering hint of rosemary, and a firm texture (1/2 lb) 

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