Party Perfect
Party Perfect Cheese Selection

Party Perfect

Perfect for a party, a selection of fresh and ages cheeses, with cheeses sure to please everyone.

Selection includes:
Ancho Chile Caciotta -  Our Texas version of Monterey Jack, this flavorful cheese becomes smoother and creamier as it ages, and is flavored with mild, smokey Ancho Chile (.50 lb) Mascarpone Torta - Elegantly layered with Sun-dried Tomato and Basil Pesto (.50 lb)
Hoja Santa Goat Cheese - Fresh Goat Cheese rounds wrapped with fragrant Hoja Santa leaves (with a distinctive herbal flavor of sassafras and mint) tied with raffia (.33 lb)
Mozzarella Roll - Fresh Mozzarella prepared jelly-roll style filled with savory queen olives (.50 lb)

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