Paula's All Stars
Paula's All Stars Selection

Paula's All Stars

A popular selection of Paula's award-winning cheeses. Includes both fresh and aged cheeses, plain and flavored cheeses.

Selection includes:
Traditional Caciotta -  Our Texas version of Monterey Jack , this flavorful cheese becomes smoother and creamier as it ages (1/2 lb)
Queso Blanco with Chile and Epazote - Milky, clean flavor. Fresh, moist. Crumbles easily. Softens but does not melt when heated. Flavored with zippy green chiles and refreshing epazote herbs. Hand-formed discs (.60 pound)
Goat Round - Classicly mild, fresh, and delicately flavored chevre with traditional citrus tones topped with Herbs of Provence (1/3 lb)
Mozzarella Ball - Moist, creamy and flavorful. Smooth and elastic. Soft and milky mozzarella just like in Italy (1/2 lb)
Smoked Scamorza - Mild buttery flavor with an elastic texture when young, becoming smooth and dense in texture as it ages (3/4 lb)

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