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The Ultimate

The Ultimate

Ultimately and supremely our biggest and best selection. A fabulous collection of fresh and aged cheeses, plain and flavored, spicy and mild, rich and decadent as well as lean and mean. This is a gift that will not soon be forgotten.

Selection includes:
Black Pepper and Garlic Caciotta (1/2 lb)
Blanca Bianca (1/2 lb)
Capriella (1/2 lb)
Crescenza (1/2 lb)
Fresh Cream Cheese (1/2 lb)
Deep Ellum Blue (1/2 lb)
Hoja Santa Goat Cheese (1/3 lb)
Ancho Caciotta (1/2 lb)
Basil Pesto Mascarpone Torta (1/2 lb)
Mozzarella Olive Roll (1/2 lb)
Rosemary Montasio (1/2 lb)
1/2 ball Scamorza (3/4 lb)
Stainless steel Mozzarella Co knife

Includes Shipping